23 Apr 2018

Window Installation & Replacement Cost 2018

The average cost for a window replacement is about $1,500.

How much does it cost to replace or install windows?

The windows are important parts of any home as they allow the air and sunlight to enter, while providing views outside. However, windows do not last forever, with the average lifespan being 20 to 25 years before needing replaced. There are various reasons a homeowner may decide to replace the windows, including the desire of increasing energy efficiency or if the sheathing or frames are rotting, there are leaks, causing insulation or mold issues, or the desire of increasing the home’s value.

Various factors will impact the overall cost of a window replacement, including the window’s size, material chosen, type of glass, and the current condition of the framing. To replace a 3ft x 5ft double hung, vinyl window has a national average of $1,500. If you’re using wooden window framing, the average cost is $1,875.

How Much Does Window Replacement Cost In Phoenix, Arizona?

The average cost of window replacement in Phoenix, Arizona is $360 – $485. The cost includes material cost, labor cost, equipment cost and cleanup fees. REM A D offers affordable window installation and replacement services in Phoenix, Arizona. Get an affordable window replacement estimate now!

New Construction vs. Simple Replacement

If the existing window framing has no damage, and the reason for replacing the window is to increase energy efficiency or the resale value, it will cost much less to replace the widow compared to rebuilding the frames.

A new construction requires widow frames to be constructed on-site for accommodating the new window install, which increases costs about 50% compared to a simple replacement. The national average for the same project above, double hung vinyl window of 3ft x 5ft is $2,300, almost $800 higher.

Cost of Window Pane Per Window

One of the largest factors that impact the cost of a new window is based on the type of window pane that you decide on. There are several options that windows come with, which affect both the cost and window’s efficiency.

  • Single – $47
  • Double – $96
  • Low E – $110
  • Triple – $128
  • Laminated – $750
  • Tempered – $750
  • Argon Filled – $50 per sq ft

What Does Window Pane Mean?

  • Single pane: This is referring to windows that have a single pane of glass.
  • Double pane: This is referring to windows that have two glass panes (beside each other).
  • Triple pane: This is referring to widows that have three glass panes (beside each other).
  • Argon filled: This is referring to glass which multiple panes which use invisible argon gas between them for insulation.
  • Tempered: This is referring to glass that was treated using heat for increasing the strength, preventing breakage.
  • Laminated: This is referring to glass that was covered using transparent coating under high heat for increasing the strength.
  • Low-E: This is referring to glass which was treated using metallic oxide for preventing heat transfer.

Energy Star Efficiency Windows

There are various types of window glass or glazing, which includes Low-E glass and gas filled glass, which are Energy Star recommended for improving the window’s performance and lowering the energy bill. Although the cost of Low-E glass is about 15% higher compared to standard glass, in the long-term it saves on average 30% to 50% in energy loss, which lowers the average energy bill.

Types of Windows and Cost of Installation

There are various window types to choose from. The overall cost of the project is going to be affected by the style you decide on. Below are a range of the prices for each type of window. Lower prices will correspond with the materials of lesser quality, while the higher priced materials reflect a material with higher quality.

This list only reflects cost of window materials:

  • Awning Windows – $240 average cost
  • Double Hung Windows – $275 average cost
  • Sliding Glass Windows – $450 average cost
  • Half Round Windows – $350 average cost
  • Round Windows – $400 average cost
  • Sash Windows – $575 average cost
  • Casement Windows – $840 average cost
  • Picture Windows – $650 average cost
  • Bay Windows – $2350 average cost

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