05 Mar 2020
Double Glazing Versus Laminated Glass

Confused about the difference between laminated glass and double glazing? Read on to learn more!

Double Glazing

No question, double glazed windows are some of the most effective insulating choices you can make. You have two panes of glass with a layer of still air between the panels. This acts as an insulator against the elements as well as sound and leaks. When you add a gas such as argon as part of the insulating material, the windows become even more effective. A home can lost as much as thirty percent of its heat through the windows. Double glazing can reduce that by fifty percent as well as saving money on utility bills. Easily customizable, a good example is the use of tinted glass windows. You can also vary the space between the panes of glass. 

Laminated Glass

Pressure and heat can be used to make a permanent seal between two layers of glass – hence why laminated glass is considered to be an excellent insulator as well as a sound dampener and a very secure choice for any home. It can be made in a number of thicknesses and color options. When someone attempts to break through laminated glass, it does not shatter! It will fragment into pieces held in place by the frame. This makes it very useful in emergency weather situations, hurricanes for example. 

Pros & Cons

If you’re looking for shatter resistance, multiple color options, and windows best suited for inclement weather, laminated glass may be a better choice. However, double glazing is the best choice for preventing leaking air and saving on utility costs. These windows are also excellent for customization.

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