17 Feb 2020

Window Replacement Cost

  • Low End: $200
  • National Average: $650
  • High End: $1,800

On average, the cost to replace windows in a house is about $650 each with average prices ranging from $200 to $1,800 in the US in 2020 according to HomeAdvisor. Replacing all the windows in a 3 bedroom house will cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000 depending on how large the home is. There are many reasons that a window will need to be replaced. New windows can provide your house with a facelift, replacing small windows with large ones can add more light and better views, and energy-efficient, newer windows can save you around 30% on your energy bill. Whatever the reason is for replacing your windows, it is important to have a professional do the work. Replacing windows is not a DIY project and doing it on your own will not save you money in the long run.

Window Repair Cost

Window Repair Cost

The average window repair cost is about $332 with costs ranging from $158 to $513 in the US for 2020 according to HomeAdvisor. Learn more about window repair and replacement costs below.

  • Window repair and replacement cost: $175-$700
  • High End Window Replacement: $800-$1,200
  • Simple Repairs To An Old Window: $200-$500
  • Detailed Restoration Work: $2,000+
  • Single Pane Glass Replacement (48-by-36-inch window): $215
  • Double Pane Glass Replacement (48-by-36-inch window): $340
  • Broken Window Lock Replacement: $195
  • Defog Window Cost (2×3 ft window pane): $70
  • Replace 1 pane: $135
  • Warranty Glass Replacement: Free
  • Broken Window Glass Replacement: $200-$500

Window Installation Cost

Window Installation Cost

These are the average window installation cost is about $5,420, with average prices ranging from $2,946 to $8,480 in the US for 2020, according to HomeAdvisor. Window installation costs are included in this estimate. There are various window types to choose from. The overall cost of the project is going to be affected by the style you decide on. Below is a range of the prices for each type of window. Lower prices will correspond with the materials of lesser quality, while the higher-priced materials reflect a material with higher quality.

This list only reflects the cost of window materials:

  • Double-Hung Windows: $350-$850
  • Single-Hung Windows: $175-$600
  • Picture & Fixed Windows: $150 – $1,200
  • Casement Window: $300-$1,900
  • Sliding Windows: $250-$1,300
  • Custom Windows: $500-$5,000+
  • Basement Windows: $250-$1,000
  • Basement Egress Windows: $2,500-$5,000+
  • Bay Windows: $1,500-$7,000
  • Bow Windows: $2,000-$10,000
  • Sash Windows: $575 average cost
  • Round Windows: $400 average cost
  • Half Round Windows: $350 average cost
  • Awning Windows:$240 average cost

Window Replacement Costs: Comparison Per Window

Cost To Replace Window In a House

On average, the window replacement costs about $650 each with average prices ranging from $200 to $1,800 in the US in 2020 according to HomeAdvisor. Replacing all the windows in a 3 bedroom house will cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000 depending on how large the home is. The window varieties are classified based on how they are operated. When picking one, you need to consider the function and size of the window, plus the look that you are going for. The window types that are most commonly replaced and installed will include the following:

Single Hung Windows Replacement Cost: $200 to $375 per window

  • For ground floor use only. Cleaning these on higher floors can be dangerous as it requires leaning out to reach the upper sash.
  • Sometimes called a fixed window. (This is wrong as fixed windows don’t open.)
  • Offers better insulation but not enough to make a huge difference.
  • Old fashioned, classic, vertically opening windows. Only the bottom pane called a sash will slide.

Double Hung Windows Replacement Cost: $325 to $825 per window

  • Cleaning on the upper floors is easy and safe. Both sashes will lean inward for this.
  • Both lower and upper sashes will move.
  • Increased circulation happens when upper and lower sashes are open. (There isn’t a change in the total open area, but the openings let in fresh air while letting stale air to escape.)

Sliding Windows Replacement Cost: $350 to $1250 per window

  • For ground floor use only. The cleaning on a higher floor requires you to lean out of unsecured windows which is dangerous.
  • Easily removed top pane makes cleaning and maintenance easy.
  • Smaller cases and sills increase the viewable area.
  • Sliders or gliders are often used for large windows.
  • Includes 2 sashes: one stationary sash, and one sliding horizontally over the other.

Casement Windows Replacement Cost: $300 to $775 per window

  • The whole window is able to swing open, while large windows fixed panes located in the center while there are right and left casement window openings at the ends.
  • Casement windows give maximum ventilation as the window is able to swing completely away from the frame.
  • Due to a crank mechanism, it can resist being blown closed or blown open by the wind.
  • Casement windows are opened with a crank that doubles as a lock, however, many models have separate locks for added security.
  • Casements will open outwards are normally not used where the window is near a walkway.
  • They are hinged to a single side and opens like a door. Casement windows are hinged at the top which is called an awning while the window is hinged at the bottom is a hopper. These are used for ventilation and often found in basements or near ceilings.

For more information about replacing your windows, contact a professional.

Cost of Window Pane Per Window

One of the largest factors that impact the cost of a new window is based on the type of windowpane that you decide on. There are several options that windows come with, which affect both the cost and window’s efficiency.

  • Single Pane Window – $47
  • Double Pane Window – $96
  • Low E – $110
  • Triple Pane Window – $128
  • Laminated – $750
  • Tempered – $750
  • Argon Filled – $50 per sqft

Window Replacement Cost Factors

Replacing windows will cost about $650 per window. This is based on window replacements that are going into structurally sound and existing frames located on the ground floor. Window Replacement in an average single-story, three-bedroom home that has 10 windows can range between $3500 to $7500. This cost can double for two story homes. In cases where the window frame has to be replaced, then it is considered to be a new construction window. These can increase the cost of replacement by 50 to 100%, which raises the cost between $5500 to $45,000. Other factors that may affect the cost may include:

  • Unforeseen structural issues
  • The time demands of the contractor
  • The remoteness of the job site
  • Exterior dressing such as decorative awnings
  • Profit: contractors have to make money to stay in business. This will make the largest variation in price, with bids include a profit margin between 60 to 80% or higher and the range often falling between 25 to 45%. The more difficult the conditions of the area such as remote, high, cold/hot, etc. the more the contractor could charge. A profit margin of about 30% is more realistic.
  • Insulating gases in triple or double-glazed windows
  • Triple or double-glazed windows
  • The need to alter existing frames

DIY Window Replacement 

The knowledge and tools that are needed to replace a window correctly belong to the professionals and they do this so often that they can do it in a short amount of time. By the time that an average homeowner has found out the size of the window that they need and made a list of basic tools and materials that are needed, a professional would be halfway through the work. It is unlikely that you will save any money on replacing the windows on your own either. A contractor is able to purchase the materials and windows at wholesale prices, while you are going to pay retail value. Plus, professionals know what needs to be measured and how to do so correctly. If you make any small error when you measure for windows, you are going to be responsible for the mistake. A supplier may not accept returns for special orders. Not to mention, any money that you may save from the labor fees, you may spend on unexpected issues and store runs. Professionals know how to handle those issues and others that could happen during a job:

  • Type of Glass: Depending on the location, safety or tempered glass may be needed by law.
  • Measurements: It is not a matter of just measuring the opening length by the width. There are 3 measurements needed, which account for pulleys, stop strips, and trim. If they aren’t done right, the window won’t fit.
  • Rotted Wood: Rotting or wood that has been damaged by pests can affect the structural integrity of the window.
  • Mold: This is a health issue, especially in humid areas. If left untreated, mildew and mold can destroy wood.
  • Age and Codes: Older homes may not have standard-size windows, so replacing them could require removing the old frame and installing new supporting structures. If your home is older such as the Victorian era old, then modifications could be required to bring things up to code.
  • Window Location: There are some ordinances that may not allow a window where you want one. For instance, you are not allowed to install a window in a wall that is less than 3 feet from the property line. Local laws could supersede any national laws, so it is best to check your local ordinances before having a window installed.
  • Structural integrity: All your exterior walls are load-bearing walls and were made to maintain the structural integrity of your home, which includes the windows. If you are unsure about what can’t or can be modified or removed, then you need to have a contractor deal with it.

To get more information, talk with a window professional.

What you should expect in a professional window replacement quote

It is best that you get quotes from 5 professionals before picking a contractor. It is vital that you are able to understand that quotes from a professional will not include your window frames. You may get the following on your average window replacement quote:

  • Removal of old windows: This quote will also list window locations that will be removed.
  • The use of drop cloths and sheets to protect your interior around work areas. It will be up to you to remove window treatments and furniture, etc.
  • Weatherproofing and insulation around the window.
  • The installation of new windows. This will specify the size, brands, style, color of casing, any screens and various details about the windows.
  • A clause to replace and remove any damaged or rotted wood as needed. Since the contractor won’t know how much, if any, will need to be replaced until the work starts, this can vary. This is vital to discuss with your contractor because extensive repairs dealing with bad wood can add more than $3500 to your total.
  • Summary of a guarantee. Be sure to keep a written copy of the full guarantee for your protection.
  • Clean up of exterior and interior work areas and the removal of all job-related

How Much Does Window Replacement Cost In Arizona?

The average cost of window replacement in Arizona is about $394, with average prices ranging from $336 to $452 per window according to Manta. This includes window replacement costs in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City, Arizona, and more.

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