26 Mar 2020
Is There A Window Tax

Nearly 170 years after its abolition, people still ask is there a window tax and the answer is no! In English speaking countries the only window tax was in England from 1696 to 1851. It caused many health problems for many people and the tax was referred to by a phrase we still use today: “Daylight robbery!” Read on to learn more about this peculiarity of law that was never actual law in the USA but still comes to mind for many people when they purchase windows.

This tax was first imposed in England in 1696.  It was intended to be a progressive tax in that houses with a smaller number of windows, initially ten, were subject to a 2 shilling house tax but exempt from the window tax.  Houses with more than ten windows were liable for additional taxes which increased in line with the number of windows.  The poorest, who were more likely to live in houses with fewer windows, were therefore in theory taxed less.  This principle generally worked when applied to the rural poor, but failed to alleviate the tax burden on the urban poor.  In towns and cities it was unusual for the working classes to live in individual homes.  They would usually live in large tenement buildings which, however they had been subdivided, where considered to be one dwelling house under the terms of the tax, and therefore subject to heavy window tax assessments.

As it was the landlord, as the property owner, who was subject to the tax, windows in tenement buildings were often boarded up, and new buildings were constructed without sufficient window accommodation.  The interpretation of the tax was also very strict.  No definition of a window was included in the legislation, and it tended to be interpreted in such a way as to include the smallest of openings in any wall.  In some cases even perforated grates in larders were charged as if they were a large window.  Not only did tenants suffer as a result of inadequate ventilation in their living quarters, invariably the costs of the window tax that were imposed were passed on to the residents in heavier rents.  The impact of the tax can be seen in the fact that, in 1766, when the tax was extended to include houses with seven or more  windows, the number of houses in England and Wales with exactly seven windows reduced by nearly two-thirds.

The negative impact of the tax on health was well known from the early eighteenth century and was written about in pamphlets and popular ballads.  Those living in accommodation without sufficient light and ventilation were more subject to epidemics of typhus, smallpox and cholera. According to Dr D B Reid’s report on the sanitary report of Sunderland, published in 1845, the local Health Committee have ‘…witnessed the very evil effect and operation of the window tax; and they do not hesitate to declare that it is their unanimous opinion that the blocking up of the numerous windows caused by the anxiety of their owners to escape the payment of the tax, has, in very many instances, greatly aggravated, and has even…in some cases been the primary cause of much sickness and mortality.’ 

Although deeply unpopular, the tax survived until the mid nineteenth century.  The negative effects of the lack of adequate light and ventilation were becoming so well documented that a popular campaign against the tax began to gain strength.   A motion to repeal of the tax failed by three votes in April 1850.  A national campaign against the tax followed throughout 1850 and 1851, and it is against this background that Sunderland’s petition should be seen.  The tax was repealed in 1851.

Source: https://www.parliament.uk/about/living-heritage/transformingsociety/towncountry/towns/tyne-and-wear-case-study/about-the-group/housing/window-tax/

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05 Mar 2020
Double Glazing Versus Laminated Glass

Confused about the difference between laminated glass and double glazing? Read on to learn more!

Double Glazing

No question, double glazed windows are some of the most effective insulating choices you can make. You have two panes of glass with a layer of still air between the panels. This acts as an insulator against the elements as well as sound and leaks. When you add a gas such as argon as part of the insulating material, the windows become even more effective. A home can lost as much as thirty percent of its heat through the windows. Double glazing can reduce that by fifty percent as well as saving money on utility bills. Easily customizable, a good example is the use of tinted glass windows. You can also vary the space between the panes of glass. 

Laminated Glass

Pressure and heat can be used to make a permanent seal between two layers of glass – hence why laminated glass is considered to be an excellent insulator as well as a sound dampener and a very secure choice for any home. It can be made in a number of thicknesses and color options. When someone attempts to break through laminated glass, it does not shatter! It will fragment into pieces held in place by the frame. This makes it very useful in emergency weather situations, hurricanes for example. 

Pros & Cons

If you’re looking for shatter resistance, multiple color options, and windows best suited for inclement weather, laminated glass may be a better choice. However, double glazing is the best choice for preventing leaking air and saving on utility costs. These windows are also excellent for customization.

REM A D Can Help With Window Installation & Replacement In Phoenix, Arizona

REM A D Is a Professional window replacement company in Phoenix offering all types of residential and commercial window installation and window repair services. Get a free window replacement quote by contacting us today.

17 Feb 2020

Window Replacement Cost

  • Low End: $200
  • National Average: $650
  • High End: $1,800

On average, the cost to replace windows in a house is about $650 each with average prices ranging from $200 to $1,800 in the US in 2020 according to HomeAdvisor. Replacing all the windows in a 3 bedroom house will cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000 depending on how large the home is. There are many reasons that a window will need to be replaced. New windows can provide your house with a facelift, replacing small windows with large ones can add more light and better views, and energy-efficient, newer windows can save you around 30% on your energy bill. Whatever the reason is for replacing your windows, it is important to have a professional do the work. Replacing windows is not a DIY project and doing it on your own will not save you money in the long run.

Window Repair Cost

Window Repair Cost

The average window repair cost is about $332 with costs ranging from $158 to $513 in the US for 2020 according to HomeAdvisor. Learn more about window repair and replacement costs below.

  • Window repair and replacement cost: $175-$700
  • High End Window Replacement: $800-$1,200
  • Simple Repairs To An Old Window: $200-$500
  • Detailed Restoration Work: $2,000+
  • Single Pane Glass Replacement (48-by-36-inch window): $215
  • Double Pane Glass Replacement (48-by-36-inch window): $340
  • Broken Window Lock Replacement: $195
  • Defog Window Cost (2×3 ft window pane): $70
  • Replace 1 pane: $135
  • Warranty Glass Replacement: Free
  • Broken Window Glass Replacement: $200-$500

Window Installation Cost

Window Installation Cost

These are the average window installation cost is about $5,420, with average prices ranging from $2,946 to $8,480 in the US for 2020, according to HomeAdvisor. Window installation costs are included in this estimate. There are various window types to choose from. The overall cost of the project is going to be affected by the style you decide on. Below is a range of the prices for each type of window. Lower prices will correspond with the materials of lesser quality, while the higher-priced materials reflect a material with higher quality.

This list only reflects the cost of window materials:

  • Double-Hung Windows: $350-$850
  • Single-Hung Windows: $175-$600
  • Picture & Fixed Windows: $150 – $1,200
  • Casement Window: $300-$1,900
  • Sliding Windows: $250-$1,300
  • Custom Windows: $500-$5,000+
  • Basement Windows: $250-$1,000
  • Basement Egress Windows: $2,500-$5,000+
  • Bay Windows: $1,500-$7,000
  • Bow Windows: $2,000-$10,000
  • Sash Windows: $575 average cost
  • Round Windows: $400 average cost
  • Half Round Windows: $350 average cost
  • Awning Windows:$240 average cost

Window Replacement Costs: Comparison Per Window

Cost To Replace Window In a House

On average, the window replacement costs about $650 each with average prices ranging from $200 to $1,800 in the US in 2020 according to HomeAdvisor. Replacing all the windows in a 3 bedroom house will cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000 depending on how large the home is. The window varieties are classified based on how they are operated. When picking one, you need to consider the function and size of the window, plus the look that you are going for. The window types that are most commonly replaced and installed will include the following:

Single Hung Windows Replacement Cost: $200 to $375 per window

  • For ground floor use only. Cleaning these on higher floors can be dangerous as it requires leaning out to reach the upper sash.
  • Sometimes called a fixed window. (This is wrong as fixed windows don’t open.)
  • Offers better insulation but not enough to make a huge difference.
  • Old fashioned, classic, vertically opening windows. Only the bottom pane called a sash will slide.

Double Hung Windows Replacement Cost: $325 to $825 per window

  • Cleaning on the upper floors is easy and safe. Both sashes will lean inward for this.
  • Both lower and upper sashes will move.
  • Increased circulation happens when upper and lower sashes are open. (There isn’t a change in the total open area, but the openings let in fresh air while letting stale air to escape.)

Sliding Windows Replacement Cost: $350 to $1250 per window

  • For ground floor use only. The cleaning on a higher floor requires you to lean out of unsecured windows which is dangerous.
  • Easily removed top pane makes cleaning and maintenance easy.
  • Smaller cases and sills increase the viewable area.
  • Sliders or gliders are often used for large windows.
  • Includes 2 sashes: one stationary sash, and one sliding horizontally over the other.

Casement Windows Replacement Cost: $300 to $775 per window

  • The whole window is able to swing open, while large windows fixed panes located in the center while there are right and left casement window openings at the ends.
  • Casement windows give maximum ventilation as the window is able to swing completely away from the frame.
  • Due to a crank mechanism, it can resist being blown closed or blown open by the wind.
  • Casement windows are opened with a crank that doubles as a lock, however, many models have separate locks for added security.
  • Casements will open outwards are normally not used where the window is near a walkway.
  • They are hinged to a single side and opens like a door. Casement windows are hinged at the top which is called an awning while the window is hinged at the bottom is a hopper. These are used for ventilation and often found in basements or near ceilings.

For more information about replacing your windows, contact a professional.

Cost of Window Pane Per Window

One of the largest factors that impact the cost of a new window is based on the type of windowpane that you decide on. There are several options that windows come with, which affect both the cost and window’s efficiency.

  • Single Pane Window – $47
  • Double Pane Window – $96
  • Low E – $110
  • Triple Pane Window – $128
  • Laminated – $750
  • Tempered – $750
  • Argon Filled – $50 per sqft

Window Replacement Cost Factors

Replacing windows will cost about $650 per window. This is based on window replacements that are going into structurally sound and existing frames located on the ground floor. Window Replacement in an average single-story, three-bedroom home that has 10 windows can range between $3500 to $7500. This cost can double for two story homes. In cases where the window frame has to be replaced, then it is considered to be a new construction window. These can increase the cost of replacement by 50 to 100%, which raises the cost between $5500 to $45,000. Other factors that may affect the cost may include:

  • Unforeseen structural issues
  • The time demands of the contractor
  • The remoteness of the job site
  • Exterior dressing such as decorative awnings
  • Profit: contractors have to make money to stay in business. This will make the largest variation in price, with bids include a profit margin between 60 to 80% or higher and the range often falling between 25 to 45%. The more difficult the conditions of the area such as remote, high, cold/hot, etc. the more the contractor could charge. A profit margin of about 30% is more realistic.
  • Insulating gases in triple or double-glazed windows
  • Triple or double-glazed windows
  • The need to alter existing frames

DIY Window Replacement 

The knowledge and tools that are needed to replace a window correctly belong to the professionals and they do this so often that they can do it in a short amount of time. By the time that an average homeowner has found out the size of the window that they need and made a list of basic tools and materials that are needed, a professional would be halfway through the work. It is unlikely that you will save any money on replacing the windows on your own either. A contractor is able to purchase the materials and windows at wholesale prices, while you are going to pay retail value. Plus, professionals know what needs to be measured and how to do so correctly. If you make any small error when you measure for windows, you are going to be responsible for the mistake. A supplier may not accept returns for special orders. Not to mention, any money that you may save from the labor fees, you may spend on unexpected issues and store runs. Professionals know how to handle those issues and others that could happen during a job:

  • Type of Glass: Depending on the location, safety or tempered glass may be needed by law.
  • Measurements: It is not a matter of just measuring the opening length by the width. There are 3 measurements needed, which account for pulleys, stop strips, and trim. If they aren’t done right, the window won’t fit.
  • Rotted Wood: Rotting or wood that has been damaged by pests can affect the structural integrity of the window.
  • Mold: This is a health issue, especially in humid areas. If left untreated, mildew and mold can destroy wood.
  • Age and Codes: Older homes may not have standard-size windows, so replacing them could require removing the old frame and installing new supporting structures. If your home is older such as the Victorian era old, then modifications could be required to bring things up to code.
  • Window Location: There are some ordinances that may not allow a window where you want one. For instance, you are not allowed to install a window in a wall that is less than 3 feet from the property line. Local laws could supersede any national laws, so it is best to check your local ordinances before having a window installed.
  • Structural integrity: All your exterior walls are load-bearing walls and were made to maintain the structural integrity of your home, which includes the windows. If you are unsure about what can’t or can be modified or removed, then you need to have a contractor deal with it.

To get more information, talk with a window professional.

What you should expect in a professional window replacement quote

It is best that you get quotes from 5 professionals before picking a contractor. It is vital that you are able to understand that quotes from a professional will not include your window frames. You may get the following on your average window replacement quote:

  • Removal of old windows: This quote will also list window locations that will be removed.
  • The use of drop cloths and sheets to protect your interior around work areas. It will be up to you to remove window treatments and furniture, etc.
  • Weatherproofing and insulation around the window.
  • The installation of new windows. This will specify the size, brands, style, color of casing, any screens and various details about the windows.
  • A clause to replace and remove any damaged or rotted wood as needed. Since the contractor won’t know how much, if any, will need to be replaced until the work starts, this can vary. This is vital to discuss with your contractor because extensive repairs dealing with bad wood can add more than $3500 to your total.
  • Summary of a guarantee. Be sure to keep a written copy of the full guarantee for your protection.
  • Clean up of exterior and interior work areas and the removal of all job-related

How Much Does Window Replacement Cost In Arizona?

The average cost of window replacement in Arizona is about $394, with average prices ranging from $336 to $452 per window according to Manta. This includes window replacement costs in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City, Arizona, and more.

REM A D Can Help With Window Installation & Replacement In Phoenix, Arizona

REM A D Is a Professional window replacement company in Phoenix offering all types of residential and commercial window installation and window repair services. Get a free window replacement quote by contacting us today.

06 Feb 2020
REM A D Can Help With Window Installation & Replacement In Phoenix, Arizona REM A D Is a Professional window replacement company in Phoenix offering all types of residential and commercial window installation and window repair services. Get a free window replacement quote by contacting us today.

When you are looking for new home windows, there are tons of replacement options to fit any home style or budget. Each window type serves a different purpose and there are many different windows to choose from. Here you can find a list of 18 window styles, their average costs to install, pictures of each, and a little bit of information to help you decide which new home windows you would like to install in your home.

Single Hung Windows

The major difference between a single hung window and a double hung window is how the different types of window sections move. A single hung window usually costs in between $170 to $360 per window. With single hung windows, the bottom window panel or lower sash moves up and down, and the upper sash remains stationary. This means that when you open the window, the upper sash is covered on the inside. Find more details about single-hung windows here.

Double Hung Windows

A double-hung window is similar to a single hung window however both the lower sash as well as the upper sash can move up and down and usually tilt out for easy cleaning and maintenance in this common window type. A double–hung vinyl window will cost between $450 to $600A double hung wood windows would be a more expensive option. Double hung windows are one of the most common replacement windows that homeowners install.

Arched Windows

Arched windows have rounded tops that add an architectural design to any home. The average cost for arched window installation is around $325 to $500 per window. Most arched windows do not open or close and are often installed above standard windows that provide ventilation. Some arched windows can open the same way a casement window does.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are ideal for climates with a lot of rain, thanks to the way the window creates a water-resistant awning when opened. A replacement awning window costs between $420 to $760 per window for installation.

Bay Windows

Bay windows protrude from an exterior wall and create a small shelf in the home. Bay windows rely on flat windows set into an angled frame that are built out of the home. A bay window costs more to install as it is a larger window that requires a skilled installer. The average cost to install a bay window could be anywhere from $1,150 to $3,550. This usually consists of a center window, from which two side windows are angled at 30 to 40 degrees.

Bow Windows

Bow windows rely on custom curved windows that create a circular area along the outside of the home. Depending on the amount of window panels you want to use to create the curved bow window, a bow window can sometimes run more expensive than a full bay window. A large bow window installation would cost around $1,400 to $3800.

Casement Windows

Casement windows swing out to the side or up to open. This allows the window to be constructed of solid glass and offers a less obstructed view overall.  New casement windows cost anywhere from$270 to $750 per window installation. A casement window usually comes with one casement window pane on the left and one on the right as seen in the photo below.

Egress Windows

Egress windows are designed for safety more than anything else. These types of windows provide an escape route when an emergency such as a fire, for example, prevents you from exiting through a door. Egress windows are typically installed in the basement of your home. Some counties require you to install an egress window in your home for safety laws. An egress window may require an area to be excavated in order to install properly, so egress window installation costs can range from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on your home.

Garden Windows

Garden windows costaround $1,000 to $4,000 to install. Garden windows are essentially mini bay windows that are meant for plants. They’ve earned their name because they act like tiny little greenhouses that protrude from the inside of your home.

Source: https://modernize.com/windows/types

REM A D Can Help With Window Installation & Replacement In Phoenix, Arizona

REM A D Is a Professional window replacement company in Phoenix offering all types of residential and commercial window installation and window repair services. Get a free window replacement quote by contacting us today.

10 Jan 2020

How Much Does Window Replacement Cost?

On average, window repair costs about $438 with average prices ranging from $175 to $700 per window in the US for 2020 according to Angie’s List.

In this article,we will discuss window replacement and break down the average costs for various window replacements. WIndows are an inherent part of the home yet they can be cracked, broken and damaged very easily. Read on to learn more.

It is not always easy to cost out new wondows as there are many factors to take into account. From the size ofthe windows, the total amount of required windows, the quality and style of the windoes, yet replacements that are both good quality and cost-effective are not too difficult to find.

Rotting Frames

Before considering window replacement, the window frames need to be examined for rot and other damage as well as mosture related damage. Whenever the frame seems soft to the touch it is a sure bet it will need replacing. Conversely, if it is still nice and hard you can just install new glass. Frames are often made from vinyl as they are easy to maintain. Wood frames have a greater cost and need maintenance. In fact, you can expect the price to double for wooden frames.

Window Replacement

Firstly, you need to consider where you will buy your windows.

  • A big box store may be good if you want a hands-on experience but there will be sales commissions to pay and it is likely the installation will be at a high cost.
  • Most people who want quality opt for a qualified contractor as well as a quality window manufacturer. For an average size vinyl window you can expect an average cost of $525 with prices ranging from $450 to $600 including installation costs. You can roughly double those prices for wood frames. In cases when the framing and window need to be totally replaced, it adds an average of $75 with prices ranging from $50 to $100. This is known as “full-frame” replacement.

Window Types

There are many kinds of window types and depending on individual preferences and the climate they are going to be placed in – each with their own individual qualities.

Double-Hung Window Costs

The average cost for double-hung windows are $320, with prices ranging from $280 to $360 dependent on the frame type and glass quality. There are many options you can take that can move th cost up and down.

Tilt-Out Window Costs

The average cost for tilt-out windows is $375 with prices ranging from $250 to $500. Smaller windows average out at $150 per window. This kind of window can sometimes be folded out or in making cleaning from the interior of the window a great deal easier – but they are more expensive than regular tilt-out windows.

Double-Pane Window Costs

The average cost of double glazed windows are $188 with costs ranging from $115 to $250. Available with different types of encasement albeit with an additional cost, the panes feature an airtight space that is filled with inert gas – forming a barrier between the inside and outside temperatures. This kind of window allows climate control and if the home is properly sealed, utility costs can also be lower.

High Performance Glass

Specialty glass like impact resistant glass, triple-pane windows for extra climate-control savings or windows with shade. Yes, they are the msot expensive but the additional benefits they offer may be worth the investment.

Labor Costs

Be it per project or per hour, costs depend on the size and type of the window. Frame replacement is around $600 for vinyl frames and $700 for wooden frames. Old frame removal averages $150 with costs varying from $50 to $250.

Glass Types

Glass type can help contibute to resistance as well as bring baout energy savings. Also you can consider timted windows to reduce th glare of the sun for abn average of $6.50 per square foot with costs ranging from $5 to $8 per square foot.

Average Cost of Window Pane Per Window

One of the largest factors that impact the cost of a new window is based on the type of window pane that you decide on. There are several options that windows come with, which affect both the cost and window’s efficiency.

  • Single – $47
  • Double – $96
  • Low E – $110
  • Triple – $128
  • Laminated – $750
  • Tempered – $750
  • Argon Filled – $50 per sq ft

Types of Windows and Cost of Installation

There are various window types to choose from. The overall cost of the project is going to be affected by the style you decide on. Below are a range of the prices for each type of window. Lower prices will correspond with the materials of lesser quality, while the higher priced materials reflect a material with higher quality.

This list only reflects cost of window materials:

  • Awning Windows – $240 average cost
  • Double Hung Windows – $275 average cost
  • Sliding Glass Windows – $450 average cost
  • Half Round Windows – $350 average cost
  • Round Windows – $400 average cost
  • Sash Windows – $575 average cost
  • Casement Windows – $840 average cost
  • Picture Windows – $650 average cost
  • Bay Windows – $2350 average cost

REM A D Can Help With Window Installation & Replacement In Phoenix, Arizona

REM A D Is a Professional window replacement company in Phoenix offering all types of residential and commercial window installation and window repair services. Get a free window replacement quote by contacting us today.

23 Apr 2018

Window Installation & Replacement Cost 2018

The average cost for a window replacement is about $1,500.

How much does it cost to replace or install windows?

The windows are important parts of any home as they allow the air and sunlight to enter, while providing views outside. However, windows do not last forever, with the average lifespan being 20 to 25 years before needing replaced. There are various reasons a homeowner may decide to replace the windows, including the desire of increasing energy efficiency or if the sheathing or frames are rotting, there are leaks, causing insulation or mold issues, or the desire of increasing the home’s value.

Various factors will impact the overall cost of a window replacement, including the window’s size, material chosen, type of glass, and the current condition of the framing. To replace a 3ft x 5ft double hung, vinyl window has a national average of $1,500. If you’re using wooden window framing, the average cost is $1,875.

How Much Does Window Replacement Cost In Phoenix, Arizona?

The average cost of window replacement in Phoenix, Arizona is $360 – $485. The cost includes material cost, labor cost, equipment cost and cleanup fees. REM A D offers affordable window installation and replacement services in Phoenix, Arizona. Get an affordable window replacement estimate now!

New Construction vs. Simple Replacement

If the existing window framing has no damage, and the reason for replacing the window is to increase energy efficiency or the resale value, it will cost much less to replace the widow compared to rebuilding the frames.

A new construction requires widow frames to be constructed on-site for accommodating the new window install, which increases costs about 50% compared to a simple replacement. The national average for the same project above, double hung vinyl window of 3ft x 5ft is $2,300, almost $800 higher.

Cost of Window Pane Per Window

One of the largest factors that impact the cost of a new window is based on the type of window pane that you decide on. There are several options that windows come with, which affect both the cost and window’s efficiency.

  • Single – $47
  • Double – $96
  • Low E – $110
  • Triple – $128
  • Laminated – $750
  • Tempered – $750
  • Argon Filled – $50 per sq ft

What Does Window Pane Mean?

  • Single pane: This is referring to windows that have a single pane of glass.
  • Double pane: This is referring to windows that have two glass panes (beside each other).
  • Triple pane: This is referring to widows that have three glass panes (beside each other).
  • Argon filled: This is referring to glass which multiple panes which use invisible argon gas between them for insulation.
  • Tempered: This is referring to glass that was treated using heat for increasing the strength, preventing breakage.
  • Laminated: This is referring to glass that was covered using transparent coating under high heat for increasing the strength.
  • Low-E: This is referring to glass which was treated using metallic oxide for preventing heat transfer.

Energy Star Efficiency Windows

There are various types of window glass or glazing, which includes Low-E glass and gas filled glass, which are Energy Star recommended for improving the window’s performance and lowering the energy bill. Although the cost of Low-E glass is about 15% higher compared to standard glass, in the long-term it saves on average 30% to 50% in energy loss, which lowers the average energy bill.

Types of Windows and Cost of Installation

There are various window types to choose from. The overall cost of the project is going to be affected by the style you decide on. Below are a range of the prices for each type of window. Lower prices will correspond with the materials of lesser quality, while the higher priced materials reflect a material with higher quality.

This list only reflects cost of window materials:

  • Awning Windows – $240 average cost
  • Double Hung Windows – $275 average cost
  • Sliding Glass Windows – $450 average cost
  • Half Round Windows – $350 average cost
  • Round Windows – $400 average cost
  • Sash Windows – $575 average cost
  • Casement Windows – $840 average cost
  • Picture Windows – $650 average cost
  • Bay Windows – $2350 average cost

REM A D Can Help With Window Installation & Replacement In Phoenix, Arizona

REM A D Is a Professional window replacement company in Phoenix offering all types of residential and commercial window installation and window repair services. Get a free window replacement quote by contacting us today.

30 Jan 2017

Best Window Manufacturers

When many individuals remodel, or repair a home, they overlook the actual importance of the windows that they choose. With there being a variety of brands and types of windows to choose from, it can seem a bit overwhelming and sometimes easier to say forget it and pick blindly. However, that is never the answer to this conundrum. Picking the wrong brand or type of window can critically increase your heating or cooling bills, the best way to prevent this is to know exactly what you are looking for.

The Importance of Brands

There is a vast amount of brands out there, though competitive among each other, they all focus on their product’s specialization. Brands like Simonton provide quality vinyl products, whereas other brands such as Marvin specialize in wooden windows. Knowing the different brands and what they specialize with in their field will help aid you in picking the right window for your specific needs.

Higher quality brands generally cost more because of the durability and visual appeal that they offer. What you are really paying for is a better quality, professionally crafted window that uses higher quality materials. These windows are designed to improve the utility usage of your heating and cooling, while lasting longer than a lower quality window. They make windows to save you money in the long run, while upholding the visual appeal that you are looking for.

Best Window Brands

As we previously stated, each major brand of window offers a specialty of sorts. Some are better than others for homes, and others are better for businesses. When it comes down to actually choosing a brand, usually it is a matter of trade offs and assuring that you have chosen the right brand. On average, the higher the quality of the brand, the more expensive you are paying. With some brands, Alside or Harvey, you get a more affordable product but sacrifice some features or efficiency. To help educate you on the different types of brands and specialties they provide, we have compiled a list of brands for your use.


Being a leading brand of the window market, Andersen has built their reputation with their high quality hardware and materials. Offering comprehensive warranties, and longevity greater than cheaper brands, they also provide a line of Renewal Windows. The Renewal line is an insert design that allows it to fit into an existing frame, making it easier for replacement.


Highly efficient, offering multiple different series of windows. Pella is best known by their customized architect series, adjustable designer series, or the simplistic and durable 450 series. They are also very well known for their wood line that includes a high detail to it. They have several different series of vinyl windows (Encompass, 350 or 250 Series), also they provide an incredibly durable fiberglass window (Impervia Series). They offer double and even triple pane to maximize efficiency.

Window World

For individuals who do not have a specific contractor lined up, Window World is their go to. Offering installation, and many models include installation on purchase, they sell windows on a variety of prices ranging from the bottom of the barrel to top dollar. Mind you, the difference of efficiency aesthetics between the different prices are comparable. Window World is one of few leading manufacturers of Vinyl windows in the United States.


Offering fewer material options than most, Marvin provides more than enough styles to make up for it. They have windows available in natural wood, rugged fiberglass, and roll form aluminum. The roll form offers weather resistance for a greater longevity. Marvin is known for the durability of their windows. They also offer a line of fiberglass, with interior wood finish, which offers style and strength while being custom sized for your needs.


Milgard offers more than just a variety of vinyl products, but several differing styles designed for all types of window needs. One of the options you encounter when shopping with Milgard is the Quiet Line. This line offers an effective soundproofing series for locations that are noise cluttered. For a simplistic and modern look, they offer aluminum windows with minimalist styling and thin frames. However, if you are wanting an upscale look, they provide a wood-clad fiberglass line that is designed and built to endure heavy weather with a maintained appearance of traditional wood.


Specializing in vinyl windows, and being a leading manufacturer, Simonton also offers a selection of glass types. From UV protection, to infrared light, they help ward off unwanted heat and damaging rays while maintaining your homes temperature. All common windows they offer allows you to select the glass that is used.


Offering wood and vinyl, Harvey offers a huge variety of vinyl types and styles. Quality casing, and double hung wooden windows, Harvey provides Grade-A options when searching for quality or simplicity. Their impact series is designed to endure hard storms that populate coastal regions, and their Acoustic style aids in holding out unwanted noise effectively.


Best known for ‘easy-to-operate’ windows that operate with spring assist and track rollers that run smoothly, Wallside is a leading supplier of vinyl windows. Providing enhanced insulation and performance, they offer Argon Gas filling and Low E glass. Other selections they have are casement windows, bay and bow models, as well as double sliding windows.


Offering competitive wood windows with optional daddings in bronze, copper, and aluminum. Loewer is a Canadian manufacturer that is long and well established in both Canada and the United States. They have built their reputation through their brand’s durability in hard winds, cold, and storms. They also bring thermal spacer bars, Low-E glass, and storm-resistant glazing to the field.

Ply Gem

Foam-filled vinyl windows, for enhanced insulation, Ply Gem as become well known for their reliable window brand. Their foam-filled windows fit with double or triple pane, and boosted insulation with filled Argon gas.


Offering affordability, and great quality, Alside’s vinyl windows range meets the needs of most with multiple model options. Some of their product lines include; Fusion for exceptional insulation, the 8000 series for the highest quality of vinyl, and the durable yet beautiful Sheffield. They also give you access to features such as enhanced spacers, triple pane glass, and double layered low-E.


With materials that are composed of unused uPVC vinyl, PGT infuses their windows with color and heat stabilization material. They craft the most common window types used in homes that have durability in most weather and meet high standards.

Silver Line

Offering an impact-resistant option for heavily active sections of a home, Silver Line is a well-known and leading vinyl window provider. They focus on affordability and performance with options to outfit your window with low-E coatings, double and triple pane, argon gas, and even screens.


Lastly, a quality window is no better than cardboard if it isn’t properly installed. Being alert to installers with good reviews is recommended, never be afraid to spend a little extra money on a quality installer to ensure that your window is put in correctly, and effectively.

It isn’t an easy task to choose a quality brand off window, or installer, so spending the extra time to educate yourself on the different brands and types is the ideal first step to this process. The next step would be to discuss your personal needs with a professional and local supplier. With all the time and effort put into finding the quality window and installation into your home, you are doing more than saving money on energy but increasing your home’s value as well.

If you live or do business in the Phoenix area and could benefit from our window installation services, please give us a call today at (602) 628-1042.

21 Dec 2016

Best New Construction Windows 2017

Are you searching for “best new construction windows“? If so, we put together a overview of the best new construction windows in 2017.

Having new windows can really enhance the look of your home and even make it less drafty as well as quieter. New windows are also easier to maintain and clean unlike older windows that have a combination of storm windows and screens.

Forget about those old ads. Saving your money on an electric bill isn’t the reason that you need to replace your old windows as it may take you over 10 years for you to even gain back some of what you spent for replacement windows and installation.

The energy star qualified windows may lower your electric bill by only 12%. That is around no more than $111 yearly for a home that is 2,000 square foot that has double plane or storm windows and up to $465 yearly for single pane windows.

Use our home window purchasing guide to find out what types, features and materials are most important.

What we found

How we tested

In order to find out what windows are best at keeping your home dry and comfortable, there were more than 24 casement style and double hung windows for water leakage and air. There were large differences between brands when it came to frame materials and types. We subjected the windows to wind driven heavy rain, as well as winds up to 50 mph and outdoor temperatures of 0°F to 70°F. Because replacing windows can be expensive, the more you know, the better informed you will be. Don’t just rely on a contractor to pick for you.

Ways to Save

If your existing sills and frames are still in good shape, you can save on labor and materials by only doing partial replacements. They are called pocket replacements and will fit in your existing frames. Otherwise, you will have to fully replace your windows. This includes the nailing flange, sill, frame and jambs.

Federal tax credits are available for windows that were installed in 2016 as well as retroactive purchases made in 2015 for energy star windows. Some city/state and utility programs will give you incentives and rebates for purchasing Energy star windows. Check out your stores, inspect frames and try the handles.

Finding installers

Even the best windows won’t be that great if they aren’t installed right. Most major window manufacturers will train and certify their installers for their products. Using the same contractor for purchase as well as installation will cut your problems down. Look online for contractors who have been certified by InstallationMasters or the American Window and Door Institute and get multiple bids. It should contain specifics like brand of window, how many windows, type and size as well as add-on features. The installation details need to be noted and material/labor costs should be broken down.

Glass Housing window materials

Wooden window frames and all-vinyl are popular. We also examined all-fiberglass. You may nonetheless discover some all-aluminum home windows, but their recognition is reduced with the development of vinyl. Our checks found that the fabric does not guarantee overall performance and neither does price, and there are great and mediocre double-hung wooden-body and vinyl-body home windows.

Maximum are stable timber, even though a few may additionally include composite materials (e.g., plastic with timber fibers embedded in it). You may pick out from a diffusion of hardware finishes, allowing you to select a fashion that fits your home.

Vinyl frame

they may be generally the least costly and don’t need to be painted or stained, but most are white and generally they can’t be painted. There also are fewer hardware alternatives. Among casement home windows, there was little distinction among vinyl and wooden frames.

Fiberglass body

they’re distinctly new. At the same time as you may not ought to paint them, they may be painted. Fiberglass needles are then embedded into the plastic to make it stiffer and stronger, but there aren’t a lot of brands out there. We examined the Pella Impervia and the Integrity from Marvin Ultrex

The Glass Menagerie: types of windows

in addition to substances, window variables encompass the quantity of panes, how they may be hinged, how they operate, and how much air flow they provide. Here is a study the numerous window types.

Casement fashion home windows

presenting an unobstructed view, casement home windows are hinged on one facet, like a door, and a crank lets you open them outward.

When completely open, casements permit right ventilation and clean cleaning. They may be typically extra hermetic than double-hung due to the fact the sash locks in opposition to the body to shut.

The casements we tested excelled at preserving out bloodless air and rain and can be used in any vicinity of the country.

Notice, but, that window air conditioners cannot be installed in casement home windows.

Double-Hung windows

This is a famous choice. The decrease of the inside sash will slide up and an upper outside sash slides down, enhancing air move and making complete screens perfect.

Double-hung are clean too easy for the reason that you could tilt the sash on any of the home windows in our tests. They may be additionally a clever choice in case you plan to install a window air conditioner, even though maximum now have a fairly excessive trim on the sill which could require full-size shimming to stabilize the air conditioner.

A few double-hung windows we tested are higher at keeping out cold air or water. It truly is vital if you live in a cold, windy area (hi there, Chicago!) or if home is the Florida panhandle or other rainy vicinity.

Different types

Single-Hung windows

They seem like double-hung, but best the bottom sash actions. (They normally value less as a result.) The pinnacle sash is sealed to keep out cold air and water.

Awning-style windows

they may be hinged on the pinnacle and open outward. Like casements, the sash presses towards the body so they close very tightly.

Hopper-fashion windows

the alternative of awning windows, they are hinged at the bottom and might open both inward or outward.

Fixed windows

those that are normally used wherever lighting fixtures but ventilation isn’t important. They are hermetic and are to be had with decorative glass accents or in uncommon shapes.

Thank you for reading “best new construction windows“! Stay tuned for more from the expert window installers at Rem A D Window Repair.

27 Apr 2016

Buying Replacement Windows For Your Home

With so many window options available, homeowners now have tons of more choices when it comes to replacing their home windows. From DIY window replacement to getting a quote online, there are just too many options to choose from. In this article we will discover each of the ways to buy replacement windows for your home in Phoenix, AZ.

DIY Replacement Windows

DIY window replacement can be tough for the average homeowner. You will have to measure, order and install the windows yourself.

The first questions you should be asking are:

  • What measurements do I need to take for replacement windows?
  • Do I need to replace any other parts of the window such as the trim and do I even have the tools to do so?
  • What tools or materials will I need to complete the exterior part of the window installation?

Due to the difficulty and frustrations that come from DIY window replacement, most homeowners opt in for the one of the 2 options below.

Window Installation Companies

Many window replacement and installation companies use trained sales people to come to your home to do a presentation. This can be very helpful as they know how to take accurate measurements for all types of windows. They also will offer free in-home estimates.

While, free estimates may seem appealing, here are a couple red flags to keep an eye out for.

When you set up your free estimate, you may be asked if the decision maker will be present. Some window companies do this because they know they have a greater chance of making the sale if the primary decision maker is home.

Also, some companies will offer coupons or rebates for homeowners who make a decision during the appointment to sway homeowners from getting additional quotes. Don’t fall into that trap, those are the same discounts they would probably give to anyone.

So, don’t think you have to make a decision today, keep getting more quotes and you will get a killer deal in the long run.

Also, keep in mind that this is the recommended option for window replacements. Expert window replacement companies know how to take accurate measurements and have the tools and equipment necessary to install them.

Shopping Online For Replacement Windows

Some window replacement companies have done away with sales people and moved their business online. While this may seem to be a reliable option, it still can be tough to get the exact windows you need. You still need to take measurements and have the right tools for the installation.  If you don’t know how to measure your windows accurately, we strongly advice you seek the help of an expert window replacement company.

If you want to learn more about REM AD’s window replacement process or are just looking for quote, click here to contact your local REM AD Window specialist.

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